• SharePoint Server 2013/2010/2007

• Foundation/WSS 3.0

• Corporate Intranet/Internet

• Business Intelligence

• Custom Web Parts Development 

Whether you need a SharePoint installation and build out from scratch or extending an existing SharePoint  solution, our level of expertise will afford you the best possible solution. If you need SharePoint Document management and Workflow Design or customized SharePoint Business process and Web Parts development, you will benefit from our experience and previous implementations.

microsoft .net

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

• Microsoft ASP.NET

• Windows Forms 

• Compact Framework (Windows Mobile)

Microsoft .NET is an extremely powerful framework that allows a large number of customer central solutions. From complete MS Office integration to customized MS Office Addins. We can extend your existing Office investments to maximize your business. If you need a specific business process designed and developed, we excel in Custom Application Development. From Corporate Intranet Business Components base development to Windows forms based applications that connect via the Cloud. We can take all of those business process and streaming them to your corporate mobile devices and applications. 


• MS SQL Server

• Oracle


• IBM DB2 

• MS Access 

The key any success IT Solutions is the reliability and fluid access to the data store. Databases are the heart of our information highway and the ability to understand and maximize their power and purpose is critical. We understand this premise and consider the database we design, maintain and use to be instrumental. We closely look at the purpose and match it with the Database Technology for the best information delivery possible.


• Java SE

• Java EE

• Java ME

• Java Fx 

Java always seems to be an essential component somewhere within a solution. Whether it is the principle UI or a Web Services WDSL we cannot escape is feasibility and integrated functionality. For that reason we strive to stay at the forefront of Java's technology and solutions. From Client-Server applications, to Stand-alone Applications to Plugins and extensions development, we cover it and customize the solutions to fit your needs.