Technology Consulting

• Technology Assessment

• Process, Workflow and Technology Fit Engineering

• Technology Planning 

We believe before you can start developing a technology solution you really have to understand the problem to avoid rework and project dead ends. (more...) 

Data Base & Information Store Solutions

• Database Development & Customization

• Database Infrastructure Management

Databases are the foundational component of information technology. Get the Database(s) right and the chance of an application or Enterprise System working effectively, is greatly enhanced. (more...)

Custom Application Development

• Custom Software Development

• Custom/Legacy Software Application Augmentation

• Portal Solutions & Content Management Solutions

• Business (Intranet) Web and Application Development

• Public Facing (Internet) Web Development

ParTek LLC provides innovative and customized solutions aligned to your business needs. (more...)

Program and Project Management

• Technical and Project Management

• Project and Program Rescue

Excellence is Program Management is often as much the result as understanding the nature of the problem to be solved as it the PERT Charts and deadline management. (more...)

Staffing Services

• Staffing Augmentation Services

• Out- Sourcing and In-Sourcing Modeled Services

ParTek LLC uses a variety of staffing models to support project teams. We provide both cleared and un-cleared consultants and staff to a project team, or outsource to trusted partners in the US for intensive design and coding.(more...)

Enterprise IT & Communications

• Enterprise Systems, Network, Database and Application

• Server and Network Configuration and Installation

• Knowledge and Content Management

Enterprise solutions are not just larger technical, process and human technical interface problems, they are exponentially more complex problems looking for elegant solutions. (more...)