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• Server and Network Configuration and Installation

• Enterprise SharePoint Document and Content Management

Enterprise solutions are not just larger technical, process and human technical interface problems, they are exponentially more complex problems looking for elegant solutions. (More)

Enterprise Solutions require integrated and strategic approaches with the ends in mind, while dealing often with complex technical, business process and organizational dynamics.

SharePoint provides great out-of-the-box solution. Many fail at installing SharePoint because they try to adapt their content or business processes to SharePoint, making them awkward, cumbersome and eventually unused. Partek and its partners have unique capabilities to optimize the organization’s knowledge management, content management, collaboration and business processes and to modify the SharePoint installation, integration and application integration to fit the organization. This produces a more organic SharePoint capability that will provide greater initial and long term value to the organization. 

 ParTek brings a wealth of enterprise technical and business insights to developing our Enterprise Solutions from our wide range of experiences with Enterprise problems.